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Hostel and Restaurant

Telephone +505-84185636

Nestled at the foot of Volcán Maderas, Finca Magdalena is an ideal locale for both relaxing and discovering the natural beauty of the island.


From private cabins, to hammocks, to matrimonial suites, Finca Magdalena features accommodation for all travelers. Come explore our main hostel building that was built in 1888 and pick up some of our home grown coffee and honey.

Prices (add 15% sales tax)

Private Cabins of 4 person U$ 46.00
Private Cabin with 2 individual rooms
(2 persons each room)
 U$ 23.00 per room
Double Room U$ 12.00
Dormitory of 2 person
U$ 12.00
Dormitory of 3 person U$ 18.00
Dormitory of 4 person U$ 28.00
Hammock U$ 4.00
Camping Space U$ 4.00
Individual Room
U$ 6.00


After a day of hiking up through Maderas' cloud forest, watch the sunset behind Volcán Concepción over a plate of mojarra taken fresh from the lake.

Prices (add 15% sales tax)


Typical Nicaraguan Breakfast:

Gallo pinto, egg, cheese and fried plantains. Black coffee with or without milk U$ 3.75
American breakfast:

Omelet 2 eggs, ham, toast. Black coffee with or without milk U$ 3.75

Yogurt, granola and fruit U$ 4.00
Oatmeal, milk, cinnamon, banana and chia U$ 3.00
Other Breakfasts:

Gallo pinto with vegetables and bread U$ 2.70
Sandwich with egg, cheese, tomato, onion and cucumber U$ 2.50
Sandwich with chicken or Italian sausage, tomato and onion U$ 3.00
Scrambled or fried egg with bread or tostones (fried plantain)
U$ 2.25
French toast with fruits
U$ 2.00
Pancake. Black coffee with or without milk U$ 3.50
Peasand potatoes with scrambled egg and bread U$ 2.70
Fried beans with sour cream or cheese, tortillas or toast U$ 2.50
Fried Plantain and cheese
U$ 1.50
Toasted bread with margarine and marmalade U$ 1.50
Fruit salad large or small U$ 3.00 / 2.50
Lunch and Dinner
Special dish:

Rice, meat, chicken or fish, fries, vegetable salad, fried plantains or
tortillas, pico de gallo and fried beans
U$ 10.00
Current dish:

Rice, beans, meat or chicken, fried plantains or tortilla U$ 4.50
Jalapeno Steak:

Meat (with jalapeno pepper, butter, milk) salad and mashed potatoes U$ 8:00

Green salad with grilled chicken U$ 5.00
Green salad with shredded chicken U$ 5.00
Green salad, French fries and chicken U$ 5.00
Green salad with tuna, lemon and mayonnaise U$ 6.00

Chicken soup with vegetables, bread or tortillas U$ 4:00
Vegetable soup with fried plantains or tortillas U$ 4:00
Fish soup, milk, tortillas or plantains U$ 4.50
Other Lunchs and Dinners:

Spaghetti with beef or chicken with tortillas or bread U$ 3.50
Spaghetti with vegetables, bread or tortilla, tomato salad U$ 3.00
Fried rice with chicken or beef, vegetables and bread U$ 4.00
Fried chicken with French fries U$ 4.00
French fries big or small U$ 3.50/2.75
Fried plantain and cheese U$ 2.00

Beer 12 Oz. U$ 1.00
Beer 1 litre. U$ 2.00
Soft drinks U$ 0.60
Gran Reserva Rum 7 years (1/2 litre, bottle only) U$ 5.00
Gran Reserva Rum 7 years (1/2 litre plus ice, mixer and lemon) U$ 8.00
Extra Lite Rum (1/2 litre, bottle only) U$ 4.00
Extra Lite Rum (1/2 libre plus ice, mixer and lemon)
U$ 6.00
Natural fruit Juice U$ 1.15
Cup of organic coffee U$ 0.70
Milkshake (banana and milk) U$ 1.50
Purified water 2 liters / 1.50 liters
U$ 1.25/1.00
Filtrated water 1.5 liters/0.5 liters U$ 0.60/0.35
Herbal tea U$ 0.60
Free WI-FI

Coverage cellular phone of CLARO Y MOVISTAR
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